X-Ray System

Flatscan 30+CP160B

Portable x-ray System
  • Flatscan 30+CP160B
  • Flatscan30 XS
Portable x-ray System


  • Explosive inspection
  • Contraband inspection for customs
  • Countersurveillance for hidden bug or camera in the wall, furniture and etc.
  • NDT


  • Flat Panel with 30” active area. (Ultra thin model: Flatscan30 XS is available)
  • 160 KV X-ray imaging system (120KV X-ray is also available)
  • High penetration and resolution with real time image display.
  • Wired/ wirelss remote control
  • Adjustable to X-ray parameter such as kV, mA & exposure time.
  • Friendly interface
  • Excellent image processing software